I'm Sophia. I am the world's first iPod silhouette model.

I graduated from Harvard at 20.

I spent 13 months nomadic around the world.

Come on in!

No jungle gym spared.


I'm an aerial acrobat and Level 2 Xpert Pole Fitness Trainer.

Blues-fusion instructor (will Lindy in a pinch)

Hip-hop dancer (watch out K-pop stars...)

To hear the story of how I danced with Desmond Richardson, READ THIS


I'm a YA fantasy writer, personal essayist and writing coach.

Stories saved my life.

In January 2015 I packed my stuff in 3 weeks and left the country. For over a year I wandered through Fukuoka, Oita, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Taipei, Sun Moon Lake, Montreal, Toronto, Vegas, New York, a couple small towns in New Jersey, the California Canyonlands and Phoenix. I stayed in a Tiny House. I entered a Charleston dance contest. (I don't know how to Charleston.) I sang in a jazz club backed by expats on double bass.

I got food poisoning. Several times.

A Bactrian camel chewed on my thigh. A dance teacher in China gave me my splits - by digging his sharp fingernails into my leg. (It works.) 

I shepherded my grandmother through her final days. I shot the first season of a cooking show. (And got heartburn.)

I cried. I coached. As always, I danced. Read about the year-plus journey HERE and see it on Instagram: