Storybrand Sessions

1 Week. Find your story. Brand your business. Move forward.

Sophia is hands-down one of the best writers and editors I know. I owe my debut in national publication entirely to her. She cuts to the chase immediately and has a talent for finding and framing the heart of a story in minutes. I’ve seen the dullest writing glitter after she’s done with it.
— Sylvia K, Providence, RI

Storybrand Sessions

1 Week. Find your story. Brand your business.

Move forward.


Tabi Jayne, Nature Geek and International Teacher

Here's the deal:


I'll give you 90 minutes.

You give me your story. Hold nothing back.

Some cry. All laugh.

Expect to be seen. Deeply.


Testimonial by Megan Pangan, Owner of Clean Media Productions

Get your booty on the dance floor. (Your computer.)

You write.

I edit.

We create.


60 more minutes of hilarity. We're bffs now.


Walk away with a brand.

What You Get:

  • 2.5 hours of storybrand coaching - what's your story, what's important about it, how to use it, and how to tell it ($800 value)
  • Fresh titles, taglines and product names to choose from ($600 of my time and expertise)
  • Complete About page and Sales page overhaul: copywriting, editing, layout and photo advice ($1100)
  • Pitch Slam: your perfect elevator pitch, spoken with ease ($300)
  • Brand plan: next steps! Now that you have your brand, how will you run your business? ($500)
  • Unlimited week of email support to answer your questions and keep you clear ($50,000 of my own training and experience)

What clients have gained after finding their story with me:

  • $400,000 worth of grants, fellowships and income
  • publication in the New York Times
  • dream job covering national congressional hearings
  • healed a family secret by writing the truth
  • $9K of signups in ONE WEEK from the rebranded website
  • early acceptance to Harvard University in just ten days
  • launched their very first e-course 
  • presented a paper in Germany at an international economic summit
  • created international UN campaign to end agricultural poverty

What clients are saying:

Sophia was the first person who taught me how to write.
— Avelynn M, Portland, OR
I learned more about language from Sophia than all my years of schooling.
— Natalie H, Los Angeles, CA
Sophia Chang is as professional as approachable. I was able to receive her expert advice without leaving the comfort of my home. In less than 30 minutes, she brought to light the importance of my cultural background and several of my personal achievements I had previously overlooked. She gave me advice on how to improve my website and provided me with a list of resources for further help.
— Elle Jauffret,

Ready to use your story for good?

1599 USD

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How Stories Saved My Life:

“Anybody who has survived his childhood has enough information about life to last him the rest of his days.” ― Flannery O'Connor

Being a kid sucked. I got out as quickly as I could, which meant being holed up in my room writing about any other life but mine.  

Until I started writing about my own life. I turned my stories into movie treatments and screenplays. I got into Film and Dramatic Writing programs. I won writing scholarships and was sent across the nation to record stories. I got into Harvard.

And then I told my ultimate story: a full-scale play that I directed, produced, wrote, and starred in as my honors senior thesis. 

It sold out the entire weekend. 

I donated as much of the proceeds as I could to the Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence

And I realized that stories can save lives.


1 Week. Find your Story. Brand your business. Move forward.

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