APA Month

Asian Pacific American Bachelor 2016: Daryl Iijima

My favorite feature of the year is here! This month's search for APA Month 2016's Bachelor of the Year took a little longer than any of the previous years - and it's worth it! 

Daryl is 4th generation JA so I had to Asian him up with bamboo and milk tea

Daryl is 4th generation JA so I had to Asian him up with bamboo and milk tea

Daryl serenades the ladies on his ukulele   

Daryl serenades the ladies on his ukulele


Daryl is an EDM DJ who combines his passions for music and his faith. And since I know you ladies appreciate a James Earl Jones basso like do, I have a special treat - APA Bachelor's first ever VIDEO interview!

Name:  Daryl Iijima
Age: 29
Height: 5'8"
Profession: Toy Licensing

Do you cry at movies: If it Hits Home

Boxers or Briefs: Boxers

Instant turn-on: Funny & Genuine Smile

Dealbreaker: Entitlement/Smoking

Karaoke song of choice: Rather Play the Uke/Sing or DJ :)

Boba flavor of choice: Brown Sugar Milk Tea

On a Friday night you'd prefer to: If it's a Long Week, I'll Rest at Home. Otherwise, I Enjoy a Great Food Adventure/Movie/Game/Show/Trip.

Last Friday you actually: Packed for my DC Trip.

Message to your future wife: I'm not the Biggest, Fastest, Strongest, or Smartest, but I will give you All of Me. All the Love, Care, & Respect that I Possess will be Yours. At the End of the Day, I Hope it's Enough.

BONUS QUESTION: If your entire life was an EDM track, which songs would be mashed in: Alesso & Swedish House Mafia - Pressure Remix VS Don't You Worry Child

Daryl's original mashup:

Is Daryl your man? Leave a comment below and I'll deliver him to you!

APA Month Charity Spotlight: The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation

Marc Ching is not just a dad, husband, and powerful herbalist. He also flies to Asia repeatedly and physically carries dogs out of slaughterhouses into safety. Many die on the way to the emergency room.

It's hard for me to watch some of the videos, and they don't even show a fraction of what Marc sees when he rescues these dogs - but the videos have happy endings.

If you have even $3 to spare (I scraped that much in coins from the car), please DONATE - and if you have time or love, consider FOSTERING or volunteering.

And if you really don't have anything to spare, or are just a heartless person*, consider making them your charity of choice when you shop at Amazon. It's completely FREE and effortless for you! 

*Yep. I'm Asian guilting you because it's APA Month. #tigermom

Know any animal lovers? Please hit SHARE below and spread the mercy:

Asian Pacific American Bachelor 2015: Donald Lee

Asian Pacific American Bachelor 2015: Donald Lee

Happy Asian Pacific American Month! After living in the motherland, it's a bit odd to be in a country that needs to have a month, but hey I'll take it because...

I get to revive my favorite blog feature - introducing you ladies to an eligible bachelor of my people!