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3 Ways to Tell If You're a Copycat - And When It's Okay

I'll never forget in second grade when Bari Bisman (name slightly modified) copied my drawing of the world, right down to the placement of the right-triangle-roofed factories.

Even then I couldn't understand copycats. What's the point? 

Are You a Copycat?

It's one thing to be inspired by fellow artists, writers, and entrepreneurs. Yeah yeah, nothing is original.

But there's a difference between true learning and plain old laziness. Before you hit publish on your next sales page or blog post, ask yourself these questions:

1) Are you copying STRUCTURE or STYLE?

There's only one basic story structure in the world.

Hint: everyone from the Bible to Star Wars to Twilight uses it. If you want to find out how to use it, sign up for 3 Step Brand: the world'd easiest and FREE cheat book HERE

Everything, whether it's marketing copy or your 1,000-page memoir, is just a variation of this one structure. Therefore, if you see a structure you like, it's totally fine to learn from it and use it to shape your own story. (Hence the rise of a million Marie Forleo-layout-alike websites last year.)


Your favorite storybrand genius, let's call her Bophia (name totally modified), has a neat cheat book as her opt-in.

Option A: You realize you need an opt-in too and decide that an e-booklet is also a good idea. You like that she kept it short and gave information on how to contact her further. You come up with your own e-book idea, with your own content, your own length, and your own title, which happens to be, "Creating Lead Pages Even Your Mother Will Love." (don't steal that, it's mine)

Option B: You love Bophia's book! You make your own, using the same funky, spare style and maybe some of the bright colors, because hey, magenta and orange are awesome. You even put some flowers on the cover cuz they look so cool on Bophia's book. Then you call it, "3-Word Marketing."

Bophia does not want to be your friend right now. And depending on how much you plagiarized, you could be in big legal trouble. Plus you come across as unoriginal and that's gross.

2) Are those really the words you'd use?

The way someone speaks, the length of their phrasing, their particular syntax, their grammatical style - this is all voice. For those of you who read 3-Step Brand you know that voice can NOT be taught. You develop it as you grow up within your family, your particular region and schooling, the books you like, your own innate brand of cray, ad infinatum.


Marie Forleo, at least in her earlier videos, used a very hip-hoppity white-lady-hangs-with-black-girls style. This was completely Marie, since she WAS a hip-hop instructor, and has that kind of straight-shooting, fun, urban brand. (Are you also as discomfited by "urban" as I am?)

Now if you're a stately WASP running your business from the Hamptons wearing your J. Crew scarf, petting your Pomeranian and polishing your Daughters of the Revolution membership card, you probably don't want to start talking like Marie. Stick with your New England lockjaw diction. It's very you, and your audience will gravitate towards you.

3) Are you writing like this because you want to sell or because it's you?

Check your intention RIGHT NOW.

When you see good copy - and there's some goooood copy out here - are you thinking, "Oh man that sounds so good! I gotta write like that."


If so, you're not coming from a place of learning. You're straight up copying the copy.


I write in big capital letters and use short, emphatic phrases because that's actually how I talk in person. Yes, I temper my energy to match my clients so I don't spook the shy horses in my stable, but if you stalk me on a night out with my friends, you'll see me waving my arms and getting randomly loud. I've been talking - and writing - like this for decades.

There's a way to write like you and a way to write just to sell. Neither of these will actually work.

The third way - the way that I will teach you - is how to write LIKE YOU IN A WAY THAT SELLS.

What are you waiting for? Let's get your voice on! Book your free consult HERE.

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Measure Your Success By Lifestyle, Not Numbers

I love when entrepreneurs post their yearly earnings. That kind of transparency demystifies MONEY (trigger!) and creates positive community based on sharing, rather than cloak & daggers.

But these numbers don't tell the story you really need to hear.

Someone could be grossing half a million dollars and netting in the negative due to overhead (i.e. building rentals, big staff) or poor investment/saving (MONEY trigger!)

Specifying net profit is a fix.

But it's still not the story.

What you're actually looking for is 

Lifestyle: the Real Measure of Success

Someone could be netting six figures by hunching over her computer 80 hours a week, piling up take-out containers, and giving herself that adrenal thing that's trendy right now. (Whatever happened to peanut allergy? Is that still going on?)

Or, someone could be balling like Leonie Dawson, who's probably going to break a million this year while on the 20-minute workweek. (Okay, more like 15-20 hour, but seriously...)

Her story is eye-popping, but you don't need to be a 7-figure maven to rock the baller life.

How does this one sound? 

  • never use an alarm clock again
  • don't take business calls before noon
  • do a card reading in the middle of the day because you feel like it
  • take an afternoon hike whenever you want
  • play hooky with your boyfriend and eat pie all day
  • take a trip to Vegas - tomorrow
  • get bored at home and decide to
The hills of NorCal

The hills of NorCal

Or how about here:

Yeah I work on bean bags. Cuz I'm a baller. #bosslady (c) 2014 Sophia Chang

Yeah I work on bean bags. Cuz I'm a baller. #bosslady (c) 2014 Sophia Chang

Yes. This is my life.

I'm not a millionaire (yet) but I sure wear boots on bean bags like one.

Because why are we really working? So that we can see the numbers go up in our bank account? Yeah, actually that's valid.

But it's more than that. You and I both know it.

For you it could be to provide for your children.

So you can have something to call your own.

So you can buy the dream house you and your husband drool over.

For me it's freedom.

It's to be able to hashtag things like #slanteyesforthewin and not worry that someone's going to call me into their office for a PC lecture. 

It's so I can never face those devil initials A.M. again.

It's so I can hire amazing staff and provide abundance for young people I believe in.

Ready to live your baller lifestyle? Grab your free e-book 3-Step Brand: the world's easiest cheat book on brand and snag a free limited consult today!