3 Things I Can't Wait to Do When My Toe Heals

Ah, injury. The marker of a dancer's life more common than they show.

Punched in the throat by a metal bar

Punched in the throat by a metal bar

A month ago I had my first aerial fall - off my beloved cube, hitting my throat on a metal bar on the way down. I had whiplash and some concussive symptoms.

2 days later, I went in for my Level 2 Pole Teacher Training, because I'M SHE-HULK.

I taught from the ground, and my master trainer said I was made to teach and that any studio would be lucky to have me. It was heart-filling to hear that.

Snapchat: making injuries glamorous

Snapchat: making injuries glamorous

Just when I recovered enough to get back on aerial, I went to a nail salon to get an ingrown toenail removed. Using rudimentary tools and no anesthetic, they butchered my nail bed in a procedure that made me feel like I was in a third-world country and my passport had been stolen. 

It was infected within the hour.

After a week of antibiotics, my doctor properly removed part of the toenail and the horrifyingly large ingrown section. Though I'm limping again, the nightmare is finally over.

Here are the 3 things I'm most looking forward to doing when the gaping wound on my toe closes:

  1. Hip-hop! I finally went back to a Beyonce-video style class involving lots of shade and requiring knee pads before my toenail's dignity was taken away.
  2. Getting into that gorgeous poolIt's summer. We're having a heat wave. I should have been LIVING in that pool, instead of staring resentfully at it from the concrete.
  3. Blues/Fusion Dancing. I can't remember the last time I had a full-body hug. #churchpeopleproblems